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I & S Administration Consultancy has been set up to help Multi-cultural community Presidents and committees manage urbanisations efficiently and effectively. Through years of experience working within a team of Spanish administrators we have identified the most important services required by residential communities as well as the most common causes for complaint. Our aim is to provide exemplary support services to multi-cultiural communities by offering a full range of administration services in a manner and language to make effective communication a matter of course.

We are a unique English team with fluent Spanish communication capabilities coupled with a broad range of administrative skills and professional qualifications in management, finance, human resources and psychology as well as lengthy experience in business development, IT (computer) technology and community administration. Our varied backgrounds complement each other, so let’s meet the team.

Ian Smith

Ian worked for local government for many years with Kent County Council (KCC) as a Senior Service Manager and Behavioural Psychologist. He was instrumental in developing and managing very high quality services as well as meeting the challenge of designing services for people with learning disabilities and carrying out service evaluations in the private sector for KCC.

Having developed and implemented training strategies for his staff complement of more than 250 individuals and managed an annual budget of five million pounds, he is a very experienced, professional manager. He also delivered lectures at a number of universities on service management related subjects. A career break to teach Scuba Diving in Thailand, Sri Lanka and Turkey has further enhanced his training capabilities and people management skills.

Ian also has long experience in problem solving. He has recently completed a three year “apprenticeship” working for a Spanish Administrator” and is very well acquainted with the issues that cause discontent amongst communities. He has been contacted by many dissatisfied Presidents and been able to design a service model focused on successfully addressing identified needs.

He has been working with fifty-two urbanizations within his Spanish administrators post and found many flaws that can be rectified with a little more time and effort. Ian is one of the proprietors of I&S Administration Consultants and his Spanish language skills are good.

Leisure interests: Ian is a fully qualified Master Scuba Diver Trainer and has worked in England, Turkey, Thailand and Sri Lanka prior to coming to Spain. In his spare time he sings and plays the guitar in a variety of local venues and is known as ‘Smithy.’ His love for music has created the opportunity for him to set up a very successful folk music club here on the Costa Blanca.

Steve Askew

Steve has forty six years of Administration and business experience, buying his first hair dressing salon at the age of nineteen, which still successfully runs today. This was after completing a seven year hairdressing City & Guilds course, gaining Advanced City & Guilds and Master Craftsman certificates. He lectured for three years at Havering Technical College UK.

He managed and worked seventeen outlets at one time in the UK liaising with banks; accountants; staff; major retailers; companies and members of the public. He has a good business approach with everyone, either face to face or by telephone.

He has good organization skills and has used computers; computer banking and Sage packages for detailed analysis for many years. Steve has many contacts in the UK and Spain and continues to run three profitable outlets in the UK.

Since coming to Spain, Steve has set up a small NS International (CB) retailers and online buyers order site which expanded to become a successful hair and beauty wholesalers (Capital SL) in Torrevieja which he ran for a year before selling to a partner. Previously having dealt with staff; banks; accountants and members of the public as well as overseas companies.

Steve is one of the proprietors of I&S Administration Consultants and will develop and manage the financial and internet services.

Leisure interests: Steve loves socializing and is the head man at BBQ’s. He loves to cook and experiments with foods learning which food compounds make the best ingredients for taste. His interest in and love for computers has resulted in him becoming a competent website designer, creating formats and galleries for professional and leisure websites.

Carol Smith

For over twenty years Carol worked as a professionally qualified Manager for Kent County Council (KCC) in the UK. As a Care Manager with a case load of more than sixty people, designing and purchasing care packages on their behalf and later managing a large residential and day care service unit with fifty-six staff and an annual budget of half a million pounds. She was responsible for creating the operational design of that enormously successful service.She has worked as an Administrator for an international water sports centre in Turkey.

Her management and organisational skills are exemplary. Since living in Spain she has managed the affairs and workload of her musical entertainer husband.

She has been instrumental in using various computer packages and organisational skills in setting up I&S Administration Consultants.

Leisure interests: Carol creates business cards; tickets and literature for various organizations. Along with her husband she runs a very successful Folk Music Club and manages all the “behind the scenes” activities including liaising with overseas artists and booking and arranging their travel to Spain. Besides work, Carol enjoys reading; walking; cycling; eating out and live music.

Colleen Askew

For fifteen years Colleen ran a successful CV and Secretarial Business in the UK, liaising with oversees companies and clients both by telephone and personal interviews.

Her workload dealt with client and company CV’s; doctors dictation; university theses; and general overseas correspondence. She has good communication skills, administration and office experience. From Spain she helps with the running of UK salons and deals with banks, staff, and accountancy departments. Colleen was instrumental in collating hair and beauty material for NS International CB and Capital Hair & Beauty SL website detail. Colleen is currently collating profile material and helping set up the website for I&S Administration Consultants.

Leisure interests: Colleen enjoys creative writing and has helped in a local secondary school with English writing projects in Spain. Her writing skills have helped with teenage English school projects. Colleen finds reading and research enjoyable.






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us i s

I & S use Sage which is a world-leading supplier of accounting and business management software to small and medium-sized enterprises. With the benefit of local understanding and insight, Sage provides software and services that are relevant, practical and useful for the demands of today's business environment.

Which once all your information is input (and maintained) we are able to run off at a touch of a button many reports

E.G.  Profit & Loss, Balance Sheets, Budget Forecasts, Bank Balances, etc plus which of most importance Debt management reports   

Below are samples and can be produced in English or Spanish 

The Community Of Owners

Common Elements In Apartment Block Or Urbanisation

When you buy a private property in Spain you often buy some common elements in the apartment block or the urbanisation where your property is situated. You become member of a Community of Owners.

As an apartment block cannot exist without common elements, it will always be constituted a Community.

Row Houses With Shared Plots, Walls And Roof

In a development of row houses, with shared plots, walls and roof, there must also be a Community to attend to common elements.

Urbanisations With Joint Ownership

Even in urbanisations with joint ownership of certain plots, construction or installations, a Community may be needed.

Urbanisations With No Community Of Owners

However, in some urbanisations no Community of Owners has been initiated, and sometimes proves difficult to get one started at a later stage.

The Law

The Law On Horizontal Property

The Communities of Owners in Spain are run by a law from 1960 called "Ley de Propiedad Horizontal" (Law on Horizontal Property).

Originally Made Only For Apartment Blocks - Now Extended To Other Developments

It was originally made only for apartment blocks, but is being used for other kinds of developments where common elements exist.

New Version Of The Law In 1999

A new version of the law came into effect in March 1999, with several important changes.

Translation Of The New Law Available From The FIPE

The Foundation Institute Of Foreign Property Owners has translated the new law on the Communities into various languages, has elaborated a comprehensive Info-File on the subject for anyone who gets elected as leader in a Community or who wants to know the details of the law.

Main Objective Of The Law - Administration And Maintenance Of The Common Elements

The main objective of the law is to regulate the administration and maintenance of the common elements the private owners possess jointly.

The Community cannot have any other tasks.

Title Deed Of New Construction & Its Division

The common elements are described in the "escritura de obra nueva y división horizontal" (title deed for description of new construction and its division into common elements and the various private properties).

Approved Urbanisation Plan

For an urbanisation you may find the reference to the common elements in the approved urbanisation plan (ask in town hall).


  • Statutes May Or May Not Exist
  • The Community may or may not have a set of statutes.
  • Statutes May Never Contradict The Law
  • The statutes may amplify the law, but never contradict it.
  • Unanimous Vote Required To Create Or Change Statutes
  • To make new statutes or to change existing ones, you need a unanimous decision among all owners.

Situation Where Statutes Do Not Exist

If there are no statutes, the Community must be run in accordance with the stipulations of the law.Interior Rules

For everyday life in the Community, you may adopt a set of "Interior Rules". They may be agreed or changed by a majority decision made in a General Meeting.

The "Cuota" And The Community Fees

Each property that forms part of the Community has its share (cuota) determined, (normally in the División Horizontal). The yearly fees to the Community are based on this share.

Governing Bodies

Highest Decision-Making Body Of A Community

The highest decision-making body of a Community is the General Meeting. You can have two kinds of such meetings, the ordinary that must be held each year, and the extraordinary, that can be convened whenever a need arises.

Elected Representatives

The General Meeting elects a president, a secretary, an administrator and a treasurer.

The administrator may also act as secretary, while the president may also be administrator.

Powers Of President

The president holds wide powers and represents the Community between General Meetings. He must be one of the owners, while the administrator can be a professional not owning a property in the Community.

Formation Of Board

It may be decided in the statutes to form a board (junta), for making decisions collectively. But do not forget the wide powers granted by law to the president.

Votes And Voting

  • Votes Are Based On Each Owners' Share
  • At General Meetings decisions are taken by a vote in accordance with the percentage share each owner has been assigned.

First And Second Convocations

We distinguish between first and second convocations. In the first convocation of a General Meeting a majority is needed of the total number of owners and shares to make decisions. If such a quorum is not possible, one passes to the second convocation half an hour later, where the decisions can be taken with a majority of the persons and shares present. In some questions a qualified majority is needed.

Notice Of General Meeting

The General Meetings must be called giving at least 6 days notice, in accordance with the law. Some Communities have in their statutes a longer convocation period, or have taken a decision about this at a General Meeting.

Forwarding Of Notices

If no other decision has been taken, and the owner has not given any other address in Spain for notices, the law foresees the letter convoking the meetings may be directed to the property that forms part of the Community.

Minutes & Decisions Of The Community

All decisions on the meeting must be written down in minutes, and an information on decisions taken sent all members.

Rights Of Those Owners Who Do Not Attend The Meeting

The ones not attending the meeting, have 30 days to protest against what they feel are illegal decisions or decisions contrary to their economical interests and eventually take the matter to court.

Community Fees

Budget & Bills For Fees

The ordinary General Meetings deal with accounting and budget for the Community. Once the budget has been approved, the Community, often the administrator, sends the bills to the individual owners in accordance with their "cuotas".

Payment Is In Advance

You must pay in advance, sometimes for the total year, or for part of the year.

Liability For Unpaid Fees When Property Is Sold

When a private property forming part of a Community is sold, the property is liable for the unpaid fees of the present year and the preceding year, nothing more.

Provision Of The New Law Regarding Outstanding Debt

And the new law provides that a certificate on whether a property has any debt before that property can be sold in a public deed. The Community must take legal action against non-payers to force them to pay before the debts become prescribed.

Obligation Of Owner To Pay Fees

If you are part of a legal Community, you are obliged to pay the fees.

Right Of Community To Collect The Fees

The Community is granted the right by the law to collect them.

Seizure Of Property For Non-Payment Of Fees

The courts may now in an abbreviated procedure place an "embargo" (a seizure) on the inscription of a property for unpaid Community fees, and later even place it for sale at public auction.

Registration And Books

Registration In The Property Register

The most important registration of a Community is the one in the property register. Normally the Community is mentioned in the "declaración horizontal". You can only register a Community if there are common elements belonging jointly to all private owners.

Books For The Accounting & The Record Book For Meetings

In addition to the books for the accounting, a Community must have a record book for meetings (libro de actas). You can buy such a book with numbered pages in the bigger bookshops, and have it stamped by the property register. All reports from General Meetings must be inserted in this book, so members can use their right to read and ask copies from them, from the secretary/administrator.

Get To Know The Legislation On Communities


The piece of legislation which obligates every community of owners to elect a President is probably not the most enlightened document that’s ever been written. The fact is that, although each community must have a President, there are no clear criteria which describe the duties or responsibilities of the elected person.

Here is a list of the local street markets. If you are aware of any of this information being incorrect please use the contact administrator form to let us know, and of course if you would like us to add something.

Monday:          Santa Pola, San Pedro del Pinatar

Tuesday:          Orihuela, Benijofar, San Fulgencio

Wednesday:     Algorfa, Guardamar, La Mata, San Miguel de Salinas

Thursday:        Rogales, Bigastro, San Javier, Urb. La Marina

Friday:             (Morning) Dorores, Torrevieja (Afternoon) Los Montesinos (Evening)  Pilar de la

Saturday:         Playa Flamenca, Santa Pola, Almoradi

Sunday:            Campo de Guardamar, Algorfa, Urb. La Marina, “Zoco” (near Quesada)