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The Law

The Law On Horizontal Property

The Communities of Owners in Spain are run by a law from 1960 called "Ley de Propiedad Horizontal" (Law on Horizontal Property).

Originally Made Only For Apartment Blocks - Now Extended To Other Developments

It was originally made only for apartment blocks, but is being used for other kinds of developments where common elements exist.

New Version Of The Law In 1999

A new version of the law came into effect in March 1999, with several important changes.

Translation Of The New Law Available From The FIPE

The Foundation Institute Of Foreign Property Owners has translated the new law on the Communities into various languages, has elaborated a comprehensive Info-File on the subject for anyone who gets elected as leader in a Community or who wants to know the details of the law.

Main Objective Of The Law - Administration And Maintenance Of The Common Elements

The main objective of the law is to regulate the administration and maintenance of the common elements the private owners possess jointly.

The Community cannot have any other tasks.

Title Deed Of New Construction & Its Division

The common elements are described in the "escritura de obra nueva y división horizontal" (title deed for description of new construction and its division into common elements and the various private properties).

Approved Urbanisation Plan

For an urbanisation you may find the reference to the common elements in the approved urbanisation plan (ask in town hall).