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  • Statutes May Or May Not Exist
  • The Community may or may not have a set of statutes.
  • Statutes May Never Contradict The Law
  • The statutes may amplify the law, but never contradict it.
  • Unanimous Vote Required To Create Or Change Statutes
  • To make new statutes or to change existing ones, you need a unanimous decision among all owners.

Situation Where Statutes Do Not Exist

If there are no statutes, the Community must be run in accordance with the stipulations of the law.Interior Rules

For everyday life in the Community, you may adopt a set of "Interior Rules". They may be agreed or changed by a majority decision made in a General Meeting.

The "Cuota" And The Community Fees

Each property that forms part of the Community has its share (cuota) determined, (normally in the División Horizontal). The yearly fees to the Community are based on this share.